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Most Instagrammable Tourism Destinations in Gresik

Most Instagrammable Tourism Destinations in Gresik Mangrove Ecosystem of Bengawan Solo Estuary (PHOTO: Document of TIMES Indonesia)Thursday, December 26, 2019
Sunday, 29 December 2019 - 01:12

GRESIK,TIMESJAZIRAH – For those who like to hunt for Instagrammable tourism spots, you should try to go to Ujungpangkah sub-district, Gresik, East Java. There are four tourism destinations managed by the village government that are Instagram-worthy and can be the best places to spend your New Year and Christmas holiday.

This time, we have compiled the most popular tourism destinations in Gresik.

1. Wisata Setigi (Selo Tirto Giri)

Wisata Setigi is located in Sekapuk Village, Ujungpangkah sub-district. This relatively new tourism destination has dozens of photo spots, such as the statue of Nogo Giri Pancoran, Topeng Nusantara Temple, Semar statue, and Honai (traditional house of Papua).

Setigi stands for Selo (stone), Tirto (water), and Giri (hill). Those three elements have become the essential parts in this tourism destination.

The land that used to be the limestone quarry creates a picturesque scenery with the naturally carved limestone walls.


Not only the carved walls, but this tourism destination also has modern selfie spots.

You may find lake, waterfall, swimming pool, and bridge of civilization in the central area. Besides, you may find high limestone hills and limestone caves.

Wisata Setigi collaborates traditional and modern theme. Besides, they also provide mini ATV and trail motorbike for the visitors to rent.

2. Wisata Alam Gosari (Wagos)

Wisata Alam Gosari, which is also known as Wagos, is located in Gosari Village, Ujungpangkah sub-district. This tourism destination was established by the youth and managed by the village government. Now, it is getting more crowded with visitors.

There are various unique selfie spots, such as artificial bird nest, swimming pool, the replica of Sakura trees, wooden houses, and so many more.


In this tourism destinations, the visitors may enjoy the historical tourism by visiting Prasasti Butulan, the historical heritage of Majapahit Kingdom which is placed inside the cave.

3. Mangrove Ecosystem of Bengawan Solo Estuary (MBS)

Mangrove Ecosystem of Bengawan Solo Estuary (MBS), which is located in Pangkahwetan Village, Ujungpangkah sub-district, is getting crowded with visitors. This river tourism is managed by the village government.

Before getting into the tourism area, the visitors should start from Pangkahwetan pier, and ride in a boat for 30 minutes.

During the boat ride, the visitors can enjoy the scenery of aviary and the dense mangrove trees.

Upon arriving at the tourism area, the visitors may enjoy various facilities, such as the colorful jogging tracks and selfie spots.

There is an additional selfie spots in this area. Moreover, this tourism area provides outbound area and the traditional culinary.

4. Banyuurip Mangrove Center (BMC)

BMC is located in Banyuurip Village, Ujungpangkah sub-district, Gresik. This tourism destination can be one of the best tourism attractions. Although it is relatively far from Gresik city, this tourism destination is still packed with visitors.

This tourism destination has its own appeal as it has a fresh and beautiful panorama. The visitors can enjoy the various mangrove cultivation in this area.

There are many facilities provided in this area, such as jogging track and gazebo that are surrounded with mangrove trees. Besides, there are many Instagrammable selfie spots for those who like to hunt for good photo spots. (*)

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