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Enjoy a Country and Greenish Scenery of Sendang Asmoro Tuban

Enjoy a Country and Greenish Scenery of Sendang Asmoro Tuban A tourist attraction at Sendang Asmoro Ngino, Tuban. (Picture by: Achmad Choirudin/TIMES Indonesia)
Saturday, 07 December 2019 - 02:27

TUBAN,TIMESJAZIRAHTuban which is located at the North coast of East Java has tremendous beautiful places. One of them is Sendang Asmoro (Love Spring Water) which is located in Ngino, Semanding, Tuban. This place will pamper you with its country look style also the greenish scenery around the area.

This place could be accessed within 15 minutes from the city center of Tuban. But, due to the lack of facilities, the road could only be accessed by car or other smaller vehicles.

Lots of people coming to visit this place everyday especially on the weekend. They are not only coming from local area but also several other cities outside Tuban.


"This place has help the local people to fix their economy level, there are around 28 outlet owner sprrad around the area," The manager of Sendang Asmoro said on Monday (2/12/2019).

The manager also holds 15 local people to to work with them to manage the area. This make Sendang Asmoro which built on 2 ha area got a positive and warm welcome from the local community from all the advantages given.

There are also several spots and attractions provided by the management of Sendang Asmoro Tuban for the visitors such as some shades, glass house, dozens of beautiful spot to take picture, paddle boat, flying fox, and several other attractions. (*)

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