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Udeng Sima Bhawana of Batu and Its Philosophy

Udeng Sima Bhawana of Batu and Its Philosophy The Mayor of Batu Dra Hj Dewanti Rumpoko M.Si gave Didi Kempot Udeng Sima Bhawana. (Picture by: Muhammad Dhani Rahman/TIMES Indonesia)
Saturday, 16 November 2019 - 04:34

BATU,TIMESJAZIRAH – Didi Kempot a popular Javanese songs singer which recently perform in many area of Malang and East Java were given Udeng Sima Bhawana, the typical headress of Batu by the Mayor of Batu Dra Hj Dewanti Rumpoko M.Si herself during his show in the city.

"Om Didi (address him in friendly way) must to wear this headdress, this is the local product of Batu," The Mayor said on Tuesday night on Didi Kempot show (12/11/2019).

Didi Kempot looked so happy to have the headdress. He directly wear it and keep wearing it during his show. Both The Mayor and Didi then sang 2 of his songs on the stage that night.

The headdress is also well known as the Udeng Arjuna by the local community of Batu. This headdress was formerly made and worn by Paguyuban Pelestari Tosan Aji and Budaya Jawa Sangga Braja on 2015. But now has officially become the official headdress of Batu.

The headdress as any other typical headdress of several city made with deep philosophy. There is a triangle shape on the back of it that represent the Mount Arjuna of Malang.

Under the triangle shape there are two long laces that represent the long life that has an end. The laces will be bounded and one of the end will face up which represent that everyone need to always remember the Almighty God.

The left, right and front side of the headdress represent the area that surround Batu, left for the cliffs, right for Mount Welirang and front side for Mount Panderman.

The right side of the headdress is little higher than the left which symbolize that good will always defeat the evil as the local community believe that right side as the good side.

Udeng is addressed to only used by the male in community. Udeng Sima Bhawana of Batu has two type of it. One which used by the younger community which has an open top as a symbol that they haven't married yet, and the second is the headress for the married one with covered top. (*)

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