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The Way You Dress is an Expression of Your Personality

The Way You Dress is an Expression of Your Personality Dress style. (Picture by:
Saturday, 20 July 2019 - 01:34

JAKARTA,TIMESJAZIRAH – We can't judge a people from their look or from the first impression. However, clothing or dress is a kind of self expression on how you would like others thing you are and could Express your personality.

According to Psychology Today, Forbes and Style Flair, here are certain ways of how some people dress which could reflect their personality.

1. The Conventional Dresser

Most of these conventional dresser will choose over grey, black, ad some more nude and soft colors. These people usually very introvert and conservative.

Generally they also has lack of confidence, boring, and afraid to take a risk. They would choose to sit in the corner to avoid some crowd and love being alone.

2. The Sloppy Dresser

Those people who tend to be a sloppy dresser would choose a easiest way of dressing. A bit sloppy and more to foesnt care of what they wearing as long as its suit them. They could even wear a shirt that 3 or 4 times bigger than their size.

These people tend to have a radical thought and away of the conventional things. They have a tough personality, indifferent, childish and lack of motivation in life.

In another side, this way of dressing could also be interpreted as a convenience way of living. They tend to just follow their mind and wear at their convenience rather than following some popular style.

3. The Casual Chic Dresser

Almost the same with conventional dresser way of clothing but these casual chic dresser will add more accessories to make it a bit brighter and catchy. Those people usually has a big self esteem and has a good life and more open to a new t and things.

4. The Designer Dresser

Those people who always wear a designer dress tend to has less self esteem. They will not feel convenience in every way they look. More money oriented and a bit shallow.

5. The Goth Dresser

These people will always wear black everywhere they go. It doesn't have to be gothic, but black everywhere, starting from make to their accessories. Most of them will will range about 17 to 25 years old.

These people with this kind of dress will tend to be more sensitive, love some arts, easily angry, love to seek for attention, childish, and easily depressed. And now, after knowing all those type of dresser, which one you think suit your personality most?. (*)

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