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Four Habits to Prevent Heart Diseases

Four Habits to Prevent Heart Diseases Illustration (Photo: Dokter Sehat)
Tuesday, 25 June 2019 - 03:34

JAKARTA,TIMESJAZIRAH – Basic Health Research (RISKESDAS) in 2018 states that 1.5% of Indonesian people are suffering from heart disease. You can avoid heart disease by having a healthy lifestyle.

Here are four habits to prevent heart disease cited from Klik Dokter.

1. Stop smoking

Heart disease is mostly affected by how many cigarettes a person smokes in a day. Therefore, if you stop smoking, you can decrease the risk of heart disease.

According to Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) initiated by the Ministry of Health, a person can stop smoking by quitting smoking all at once or cutting down on cigarettes gradually.

2. Lower the level of bad cholesterol

The high level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) could lead to artery blockage, which might lead to heart diseases, heart attack, and stroke.

That’s why, it is better for you to lower the level of bad cholesterol by 100 mg/dL by avoiding high-fat foods, such as meat, coconut milk, egg yolk, butter, and deep-fried foods.

3. Check your blood pressure

The high blood pressure could make the heart work harder that can lead to heart disease. To avoid this bad impact, it is necessary for you to avoid foods that are high in sodium. It is better for you to consume more vegetables and fruits.

4. Get your ideal weight

For those who are suffering from obesity, it is necessary for you to lose weight to avoid heart disease. To get your ideal weight, you have to exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, manage stress, and get enough sleep every day. (*)

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